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Investigations Dominican Republic


CIVIL/ CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS: We will gather all information needed in preparing a case for trial for attorneys. We will review police reports, discovery materials, analyzing and photographing crime or accident scenes, interviewing parties and witnesses, obtaining signed or recorded statements, preparing documentary and demonstrative evidence. We will gather information and evidence to advance legal theories to benefit the client’s case.
SURVEILLANCE/ COUNTERSURVEILLANCE: Using the latest equipment and techniques, we acquire the evidence you need for fraudulent insurance claims, infidelity, or other issues. If you think that your home, office, or phones are being bugged with camera or listening devices, we have dependable state of the art equipment to find most.
WORKMANS’ COMPENSATION: We are experts at obtaining video and photographic evidence to prove workmans’ compensation fraud. We have Records Authorization allowing us to streamline turnaround time in document r…